As a card carrying member of the grammar police, I know what you’re thinking, but I really do mean your.

As in “your very own beautiful.”

Not anyone else’s.

What is beautiful?  Do you know what is beautiful to you?


Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder.


It’s true.

Beauty is subjective.

How we perceive things is personal.

beautiful city

Two people can see the same exact thing and come away from it with completely different interpretations.

To some extent, what’s in style, or relevant to a certain time period in history can influence our perception of the beauty we see in our world.  Our ethnic heritage, country of origin and what is familiar to us also have a stake in how we each view and determine beauty.

When you come across something you find beautiful, you probably know it right away. You feel it in your body.   A surge of energy and emotion.  Inspiration.

It might take your breath away, and make your heart beat a little faster.

beautiful mountains

Think about how you feel when you witness a gorgeous sunset… or a painting that moves you… or a song that makes you well up when you hear it.

Ultimately, the things you find beautiful are things that make you feel really good.

Surround yourself with these things.

Being able to recognize what you find beautiful and want to surround yourself with can change your life.

Things and people we find beautiful inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.  They make us see the positive in others, and our situations.

Tuning in to your own intuition is key.   Denying what we know we love, or trying to be, or have something that someone else has recommended because they find it beautiful can backfire.  Chasing another’s idea of beauty won’t create the inner happiness you seek, and will only lead to emptiness and disappointment.

Beauty is not perfection.  Be careful not to confuse this point.

Perfection is unattainable, and any flaws you perceive will steal the joy right out of the beauty, and in its place create a feeling of lack..

Beauty comes rife with flaws that only serve to make it even more endearing to the beholder who adores it.


Learn to listen to your intuition.

Recognize your inner voice that tells you what you like.


Do you know what you love?  Can you definitively say you prefer this over that?

If you feel you can’t, that is just fear masking your view.  Practice labeling things, either in your mind or in a journal, that you find beautiful.  Discovering your unique style and perspective is an exciting journey!  Getting in alignment with what makes your heart sing will make your life happier than you’ve ever thought possible.

You can’t make a mistake.  There is no right or wrong.  Personal taste and style is a completely individual assignment and destination.


This above all:

To thine own self, be true.

William Shakespeare

Raise your vibration and attract all the goodness that is yours to have in this life.  Let your personal inspirational beauty into your home and life.

I’d love to hear what you find especially beautiful in the comments below.


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