What’s that?
I can’t hear you.  Let me walk around this stuff… maybe I can hear you better over here…
What’s that you say?
I’m depressed?
I don’t really want to meet someone?
I am having trouble moving forward?
What?  You say I’m overwhelmed, and can’t say no?
Ok, whatever.  
….. hmmmmmmmmm…


Do you feel stuck?  Overwhelmed?  Sad?
Maybe its time to take a look around and shake up your environment.
You can choose “whatever” and continue to tolerate your situation, or… you can chose to move through your blocks, and change your life.

According to Buddhism, everything around us, including our environment and relationships, is a reflection of our inner lives.

If we are experiencing discomfort anywhere, we should consider looking at our environment for answers.


“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs.”

James Allen

Your home is meant to be a haven!
A place of of comfort, safety and self-expression!
Is that what’s reflecting back to you?
When we settle for a state that’s less than optimal, we limit our success and happiness.

The sooner we give our blocks attention and address what’s holding us back, the sooner we can get in alignment with our desires and live a more effortless, happy life.

You can take control of your habitat and move from being overwhelmed to empowered.  You can create your home for where you are going, and move on from where you’ve gotten stuck.
Take a walk around, and look at your space with fresh eyes.  Many times we tolerate, or “work around” things that aren’t serving us.

Can you identify areas of stagnant energy?  Where things are backing up?

A lot of times this is manifested in clutter.

Look at your clutter as messages about where you need to pay some attention, and get your energy flowing.

Making a change in your outward environment can have surprising effects on your inner world.
When I work with clients, we almost always address any clutter first.  It may be physical, mental or commitment clutter, but there is usually something keeping them from their best life.  Their journey through their stuff, and deciding what they will keep can unearth a myriad of feelings and beliefs they didn’t even know were there.  Sometimes just acknowledging these things will put them well on the road through to healthier attitudes and surroundings.

Creating your surroundings to support and inspire will make you happier and more successful in your life.


If you want to get a handle on your schedule…
If you want to be happier and less stressed…
If you want to lose wight…
If you want to create a change in your life…
Change your environment.
It doesn’t have to be huge.
It can be rearranging the furniture.
It can be bringing in fresh flowers.
It can be getting rid of clutter (which is really, really huge, and I highly recommend it!)
If your environment is a reflection of your inner life and where you want to go, what is it saying?

Have you had an experience where your space reflected your ups or downs or your dreams and aspirations?


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Kimberly is a home and lifestyle coach, helping women identify and realize their best home and life.  She has been featured in publications and podcasts, and is a Huffington Post contributor.  She believes our surroundings and relationships have a direct effect on how happy we are. If you want to learn more about how to live in alignment, raise your vibration and create your peaceful, happy home and life, click here to get weekly tips and more information on working with her.