I have always dismissed my need for sleep.

When planning when I’ll get something done, it is always an option in my mind to “stay up all night” to finish it.

Even when I was young, I went to bed with a fight, and staying up was a special treat!  Many a night I read to the wee hours of morning under the covers with a flashlight.

When I was younger, I could handle it.  At least I thought I could!

Now, I KNOW I need my sleep, but I still rarely go to bed as early as I need to.

What is my problem, you ask?
Good question.  I ask myself that all the time.

I’ll decide to do better, and improve for a couple days, then something more important comes up.
A deadline, an invitation, one of my favorite shows, or too many chapters in my current book… the list of excuses goes on!

Right now, my norm is late with the occasional effort to go to sleep at a time that will get me my 7-8 hours.  I’d really like to flip that, and feel better every day!

On November 7th, join me for a 21 Day Sleep Challenge!  I’ll send and post a tip a day for 21 days, the amount of time that it takes to change a habit… will you join me?

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