When creating or redecorating your home, it’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make about things  (furniture, cabinets, rugs, paint, fixtures…) Although these choices have to be made, I find there is another set of things to consider, aside from the physical decisions, that make all the difference in making your house a home.  Getting clear on these foundations can make the other decisions easier, and create a happier, more in-sync environment.

Several  years ago I came across an interview with Martha Stewart in a magazine.  Although I don’t always identify with Martha the woman, I have always appreciated her aesthetic. One piece of the article spoke to me, and I clipped it out.  I came across it the other day, and I still think It beautifully sums up the most important things to consider when creating your space:
Martha Stewart

To create your best home, you need to pay attention to how you live, day in and day out What works, and what doesn’t.  If you could, what would you change?  And why? Say you get up every morning and have your coffee while you read the paper.  Is this something you enjoy, and is it easy to do?  If not, what can you change? Maybe you realize that if you were sitting in the big chair by the window, you could enjoy the experience even more.
Figure out how you can bring in some nature.  Whether you live in a city or the country, or somewhere in between, a connection to nature can lift your home and raise your vibration.  You may have a beautiful screened porch, a window with a view, or even just a couple  of houseplants.   I like to decorate with random sticks and logs, as well.  The greenery and organic forms bring an air of freedom to my indoors.

People are some of the best parts of life.  Who are your people?  Your family,  your friends… For me, it is a priority to be able to spend time with my people, in and around my home.

I want them to feel happy, welcomed and loved.  My kids, their friends, and all their creative messes, are always welcome here.
The light in your home is so important!  It affects the prevailing mood, and how colors appear.  Choosing the best lighting for your needs and the mood you are trying to achieve can make all the difference. I like to make the best possible use of natural light, and will operate in next to darkness in order to savor the last glowing light of the day at dusk.

In my rooms I like to have adjustable lights, so we can have more light when its needed, but less for atmosphere.  There are also a few table or floor lamps around, so all the light is not coming from above.  I don’t often cover my windows… some gauzy curtains that still let through most of the light in the bedroom for privacy,  but mostly prefer for Mother Nature to give us her best on any given day.

Peacefulness.  Another tenet to a happy home.  I find that less clutter, and more time to do things I love, bring me peace.  Having a specific place, and setting aside a time each day when its quiet to meditate and collect my thoughts,  brings a peace to the entire day.
Pets are some of the best things about life.  If your home is not pet friendly, you are missing out.  Pets, especially dogs, make life even better.  I did not have a dog until I was almost 30… I had no idea what I was missing… read about my first dog, Theo, here. I have a few dog beds stationed around the house, and partial stuffed bunnies and squirrels and bones are often strewn about the floor.  I made a cover for the seat cushions of my sofa so everyone can sit and enjoy a treat, and it’s easy to clean.


Have access to fresh air… To be able to smell the crisp air in the fall,  the heavy scent of coming snow in the winter, and the fresh clean smell of spring arriving is an incredible treat. Being able to throw open your windows and let fresh air into your home gets air and energy flowing and circulating.  Breath it; spend time in it.


Good food. Real food.  A functional, happy, busy kitchen… cooking (or serving) and eating meals together.

I’ll have many more posts about the benefits to be had by eating real food with the ones you love…

Communication.  The way we interact with each other, express our needs, wants and loves.  Spoken and unspoken.  Have open lines.  An art to be nurtured and mastered.
Find the beautiful colors in this world that make your heart sing, and use them in your home.  Experiment, and change things out.  Color can create and change moods, and is very versatile in creating a space.  More on how colors can affect your mood in a future post…

“I am curious about the way people live, day in and day out… nature and people and light and peacefulness and pets and fresh air and good food and communication and beautiful colors are more important to me than living in a mansion or a palace”

Martha Stewart

Or a perfectly decorated space.  Because if you give attention to all these things, your space will be beautifully yours.

What are your most important considerations in making your home?


Kimberly is a home and lifestyle coach, helping women identify and realize their best home and life.  She has been featured in publications and podcasts, and is a Huffington Post contributor.  She believes our surroundings and relationships have a direct effect on how happy we are. If you want to learn more about how to live in alignment, raise your vibration and create your peaceful, happy home and life, click here to get weekly tips and more information on working with her.