My home office looked like the mish-mash of leftover furniture that it was. Kim took a careful look and asked thoughtful questions to find out what I wanted and needed my office to be. Then she made simple, but genius suggestions about how to create a creative, practical and flowing space without spending a ton of money on new things. Not long after I made the changes, a guest in my home said to me, “This is a great home office. It’s really beautiful!”  What had been a jumble is now a cohesive, professional and pretty room that I love, and one that enhances both my productivity and my reputation as a business owner.


I feel so much more at home in my home!  Living in a small urban space can be challenging, and Kim has helped me embrace all that is good about it.  Since I began working with her at the end of 2015, Kim has coached me within my budget to make some fundamental yet doable shifts, and now I feel so cozy!  My surroundings feel joyful, inspiring and nurturing.  I feel excited to have friends over for dinner for the first time in a while.  Kim helped me understand that size didn’t matter (ha ha!)  that who I am and the way my space now reflects that is something I can relax into and feel proud to share with others. The beautiful compliments I’ve received lately on my apartment certainly feel great. And most importantly, I am waking up feeling motivated to create even more beauty with my life.



When I was young I kept one drawer for valuables: stamp collection, baseball cards, mementos. I was free to be a kid. A lot of life later, I had become a piler and a clutterer, My professional focus (teaching and writing) had begun to suffer to my preoccupation with my stuff. I was stuck and turned to Kimberly who first suggested I read Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up. I did but I needed more, so Kim came to my house. First, we arranged the elements of my office space (desk, couch, chairs, rug) into a comfortable array that I so enjoy now. Then, unimpressed with my out-of-sight-out-of-mind take on Marie Kondo, Kimberly helped me dig out the clutter — throwing some away, giving much away, and keying off me to categorize what was left. I felt like I had my childhood drawer back. If I could sum up Kim’s genius: she listened to me, helped create a place I love to occupy, and worked with me to have a simple system, my system. I love knowing where my checkbook is.


Writer, educator