I feel so much more at home in my home!  Living in a small urban space can be challenging, and Kim has helped me embrace all that is good about it.  Since I began working with her at the end of 2015, Kim has coached me within my budget to make some fundamental yet doable shifts, and now I feel so cozy!  My surroundings feel joyful, inspiring and nurturing.  I feel excited to have friends over for dinner for the first time in a while.  Kim helped me understand that size didn’t matter (ha ha!)  that who I am and the way my space now reflects that is something I can relax into and feel proud to share with others. The beautiful compliments I’ve received lately on my apartment certainly feel great. And most importantly, I am waking up feeling motivated to create even more beauty with my life.


actor, Krsta DeMille

My home office looked like the mish-mash of leftover furniture that it was. Kim took a careful look and asked thoughtful questions to find out what I wanted and needed my office to be. Then she made simple, but genius suggestions about how to create a creative, practical and flowing space without spending a ton of money on new things. Not long after I made the changes, a guest in my home said to me, “This is a great home office. It’s really beautiful!”  What had been a jumble is now a cohesive, professional and pretty room that I love, and one that enhances both my productivity and my reputation as a business owner.

Stylist, Cabi

 On “Clear Your Clutter + Change Your Life”:
Before purchasing the program my home had a bit of a stagnant feel.  I have a lot of interests, as do the rest of my family, and the house does not have fitted cupboard space, which is a problem.  Everything is piled up in corners gathering dust.  I realised that I needed to really get to grips with streamlining what was really important and what was not.
Amazingly as I began to work through the modules of the program, moving through each room, I noticed that not only did I feel physically lighter, but also my family began to follow suit!  My daughter started to clear out her bedroom (an area I’m not allowed into) and then my son also cleared out all of his cupboards, including sorting out his console games!  This was without me nagging them – they just got on board as they watched me gifting all the books I no longer read and recycling all the clothes I know I will not wear now.
My home definitely feels better.  I know that living with all my family it will be important to keep on top of this regularly but that I have the tools to do that now.
I love the program’s clear layout, soothing colours and Kimberly’s gentle voice guiding you through the video tutorials.
I feel decluttering can be such an emotional task it is really important to break it down into stages so that you don’t get overwhelmed.  This program does that.
Carol Fenner

My Inner Self Coaching

I am a wife, mother to grown children, grandmother
and teacher. Within the last five years, I have lost my
dad, my husband’s older brother AND father, sold
their homes and moved my mom into a condo. I am a
collector by nature and already had a LOT of stuff.
This brought even more “stuff” into our home. After sorting
through all of their things, selling some, passing some on, and
discarding a ton, I decided that I did NOT want my children or
grandchildren to have to deal with so many of my possessions. I
live in a sizable home with plenty of storage, so I have been able to
keep many items long past the time that they have been useful to
me. I am also at a place in my life where the people and
experiences mean more to me than possessions.
When I was given the opportunity to participate in this course,
it came at the perfect time and has been life changing for me. It
has really helped me to evaluate what is necessary for me to send
on to a new home or new purpose as well as what is important for
me to keep and why to do so. While clearing my clutter was the
original goal, this course has offered so much more to me in that it
has opened up space in my home and my life for creating a sense
of peace and beauty and for fostering the relationships that really
matter to me.
If you are ready to find your way to “clear your clutter and change your life”,
I would highly recommend that you take the steps that
this course outlines. It offers a clear and systematic procedure for
making the necessary changes to do this in your home and in your

Tree Lady


“It’s lovely to be able to really applaud something!
I am an introvert by nature, and that means there aren’t many things that actually spur me into this kind of action to say this is great and you really have to do this. For mw to recommend something is quite unusual!
I am highly recommending Kim’s course because I decided I could do with decluttering my house… I had accumulated a fair amount of stuff and I could use to make some space for practical reasons. As I went through I was surprised at the process that I went through with Kim who does it in a very gentle and supportive way, and realized I actually could move stuff out of my life.
At the end of the course I realized that what Kim had actually created for me was not only space in my home, but also space in my mind! It has been really powerful letting go of things that defined previous stages of my life. I am no free to be who I am… I highly recommend Kim’s course because it is so much more than decluttering your home!”


Coach, Pertception Anxiety

When I was young I kept one drawer for valuables: stamp collection, baseball cards, mementos. I was free to be a kid. A lot of life later, I had become a piler and a clutterer, My professional focus (teaching and writing) had begun to suffer to my preoccupation with my stuff. I was stuck and turned to Kimberly who first suggested I read Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up. I did but I needed more, so Kim came to my house. First, we arranged the elements of my office space (desk, couch, chairs, rug) into a comfortable array that I so enjoy now. Then, unimpressed with my out-of-sight-out-of-mind take on Marie Kondo, Kimberly helped me dig out the clutter — throwing some away, giving much away, and keying off me to categorize what was left. I felt like I had my childhood drawer back. If I could sum up Kim’s genius: she listened to me, helped create a place I love to occupy, and worked with me to have a simple system, my system. I love knowing where my checkbook is.


Writer, educator