Clear the clutter and uncover your style!

You can cut through the overwhelm and create a home and a life you love.

I’ll show you how.

Are you dissatisfied with your home in some way?


Do you wish your home was a space that reflected the best of you and your style?


Are there things you “put up with” but wish you could change?


Is getting your home in order something you always put off til tomorrow?


Are you embarrassed if people “just stop by”?


Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices out there?


Do you feel like you don’t really have a “style”, or you can’t put a name to it?


You have a style, and you can be in harmony with your home.


Sometimes you just need some help uncovering it…


One thing that affects peace and harmony is not having a space that is authentically you.


Access your greatest wellbeing, surrounded by your own authentic style.

My name is Kim, and I help women create their best, most authentic home and life.


It’s so simple, but so frequently overlooked, or tolerated.


I help you create spaces that give you long lasting peace and happiness.


When you create your own space, from the inside out, you won’t tire of it.  You won’t second guess your decisions.


When you are surrounded by the things you love, your environment supports and inspires you, and you thrive!


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You will NOT benefit from this work if you:

  • don’t mind living in an environment that doesn’t support you

  • want to continue to live with the clutter that is stealing your energy

  • are only interested in the latest trends

  • are concerned with your space being only something to impress people

  • have no interest in getting in touch with your authentic style

  • want to rely on others to make your decisions

I can help you if you:

  • want to discover your authentic style

  • want to get in touch with what you love, and eliminate the things that bring you down

  • want to raise your vibration and create the most inspiring and creative home you can

  • want to cut through the overwhelm and make clear decisions about your home and life

  • kind of know what you like, but need some help to put it all together

  • are struggling with clutter and deciding what to keep

  • want to feel happy, supported and inspired in your home

  • want to be clear in what you want in your home, and not make an expensive mistake you may regret

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Do you want to avoid…


Living with someone else’s idea of beauty?


Feeling stress and anxiety in your surroundings?


Feeling unsupported and drained by your environment?


Wasting a lot of money on stuff and designers, searching for what you want?


Continuing to live in a fog, tolerating your surroundings, and feeling tired?


Continuing to amass clutter that steals your energy?


Keep going as you are because you are in overwhelm, and don’t know where to begin…

You can create a home and a life you love.

Can you put a price on your wellbeing?


I am in the business of healing.

You can turn your home into a sanctuary that supports you and your life.


Together, we help you get clear on how you want your home to feel and look.


We figure out whats holding you back, and break through.


We create a plan/map to get you where you want to be.


You end up with a gorgeous space that reflects and inspires you!

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, hear it from people who have worked with me!

I feel so much more at home in my home!  Living in a small urban space can be challenging, and Kim has helped me embrace all that is good about it.  Since I began working with her at the end of 2015, Kim has coached me within my budget to make some fundamental yet doable shifts, and now I feel so cozy!  My surroundings feel joyful, inspiring and nurturing.  I feel excited to have friends over for dinner for the first time in a while.  Kim helped me understand that size didn’t matter (ha ha!)  that who I am and the way my space now reflects that is something I can relax into and feel proud to share with others. The beautiful compliments I’ve received lately on my apartment certainly feel great. And most importantly, I am waking up feeling motivated to create even more beauty with my life.



KIm is amazing!!!  I had no idea what I didn’t know about my home and how I was running it.  I was getting by with so many things that made me CRAZY!  Once I could zero in on these things it was so easy to move forward and make my home what I hoped and dreamed it could be!  I highly recommend working with Kim to make your home the best, most you it can be!



My home office looked like the mish-mash of leftover furniture that it was. Kim took a careful look and asked thoughtful questions to find out what I wanted and needed my office to be. Then she made simple, but genius suggestions about how to create a creative, practical and flowing space without spending a ton of money on new things. Not long after I made the changes, a guest in my home said to me, “This is a great home office. It’s really beautiful!”  What had been a jumble is now a cohesive, professional and pretty room that I love, and one that enhances both my productivity and my reputation as a business owner.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help me?

I help you by facilitating your discovery of what you already know.  The answers are within us.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed and need a facilitator to get to the right answers for each of us.  When you figure out the answer that is truly right for you, you will know.  It will stick, and you will live in peace and happiness.

What if I really don't have a style?

We all have things we like and dislike.  Tuning in to those things and getting clear on what you want and don’t want in your life makes your style and preference come to light.  Everyone has a style, and you can find yours!

Why wouldn't I just hire an interior designer?

You can.  If you know what you want.
If not, I can help you figure it out. Many people are worried about wasting money on a designer before they know what they want.   They can hire me to help them get clear on what they want so they don’t waste money on someone else’s vision.
Other people really want to create their own space but they don’t know where to begin.  They may have lots of ideas but are unsure how to put it all all together.  My unique blend of coaching and design guideline feedback is exactly what they want and need.

What makes you special?

Well, I believe I offer a unique blend of life coaching and design feedback.  I can help you get your whole house in order, from the actual space, to the relationships and the energy.  I can help you love you home and your life.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. Once you are a client you will get special offers and discounts for booking packages.

What if I'm not happy with the outcome?

We will keep tabs along the way to be sure we are making progress in the direction you want to go.  I want my clients to realize real change and progress, but because we are making fundamental shifts, a lot depends on how you show up.  If you feel we are not making the progress you want to, we can re-evaluate going forward.

I'm READY to create a home and a life I LOVE!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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