Is there a secret to what makes a woman beautiful?

Is it a particular diet, or a magical serum, or a fabulous designer?

Is it in the color of her skin, or hair or eyes?

Is it defined by her youth, or age?

What makes a woman beautiful has very little to do with these things.


what makes a woman beautiful

A beautiful woman is a confident woman.

She knows herself, and she is unafraid to be exactly that. Her beauty shines in her easy embrace of who she is at her core, and the gifts she brings to this life.

Her confidence comes from being at peace with herself… feeling comfortable and equipped to walk this earth and shine her light.

what makes a woman beautiful

She is true to herself

A confident woman knows herself.  She has an aura and an ease that you feel when you are in her presence.

She is expansive and secure in who she is and what she believes.  She exudes a strength and serenity that is comforting to those around her.

She knows how to embrace her imperfections, and readily admits and celebrates them..

She is passionate and has strong convictions.

Confident women don’t wear, say, do, or become anything they don’t believe in.

They say no.  They create healthy boundaries for themselves and their families.

They speak their mind… and aren’t afraid if you disagree with what they are saying.

They trust their own judgement and intuition, but listen to others’ points of view.

what makes a woman beautiful
what makes a woman beautiful

She is compassionate, and generous of spirit.

She shows her heart. She is kind.

She believes in love, and that it never runs out.  It spills from her eyes and flows from her voice.

She asks for help, and supports and cheers on others in their journey.

She knows her value, and why she’s here.

As moms, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, grandmothers and citizens of the planet,

she feels her call to be the best she can be and to help others along the way.

She is far from perfect, but that doesn’t stop her from showing up and doing her best every day.

what makes a woman beautiful
what makes a woman beautiful

She is rising.

Right now, she is being tested.  She has come a long way, but is entering waters that depending on her age, may be unfamiliar. She was made for this, though.  Beautiful confident, passionate, compassionate women all over the world are rising up to answer the call, and leading the way with love and light. Her belief in the good in the world and her courage to embody it even when it means moving out into the hostile opposition is inspiring. If she didn’t know how beautiful she was before, she is surely stepping into her light now.  Her beauty is growing and and she is radiant.  She knows herself and her convictions.  She stands up for her values and is unafraid to show her heart. This is her time!  She is rising and showing up more every day…

What makes a woman beautiful is completely her own.

Watch for these beautiful, unique, powerful women… there are more and more of them blooming in our presence.

Get to know her.  Love her.  She is a beautiful, confident woman.  She is a force to be reckoned with.

You want her in your corner.


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what makes a woman beautiful

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