One Day Home Intensive

Spend one full day evaluating and creating a plan to make changes to your home to increase your peace, happiness in your space!
With this super targeted day, you will fill out a questionnaire prior to the session.
This is a 4 hour package, and can be spent either as 4 full hours on site, or can be done via skype, with follow-up.
There will be email support during implementation, and then another one hour follow up session, either in person or via skype 2 weeks after the original session.
We will decide together what areas you want to focus on, and create actionable strategies.  This can be anything including but not limited to:


  • analyzing the flow and color schemes in your home
  • room arrangement and suggestions for improvement/upgrades
  • clearing your clutter and preventing it from coming back
  • specific strategies to raise your vibration increasing peace and happiness
  • improving cooperative living and inter family relationship
  • furniture and accessory recommendations and guidance
Or a combination of a few of those!
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I'm ready to change up my space!

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