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Believe me.  You are Beautiful.

If you believe it, it is so.

That statement and belief has unimaginable power.  A woman who is kind, confident and joyful in her authentic self, can’t help but be beautiful.

While symmetry and perfection may be easy and lovely to look at, they can be bland, and uninteresting.

Flaws and quirks are what make us uniquely beautiful and memorable. When we learn to embrace our uniqueness and relax into it, we become irresistible.


Lauren Hutton and her famous gap.  


Could you imagine if she’d had that closed?

There are some photos of her without it, where early in her career she was encouraged to lose it.

“It’s becoming quite fashionable now, isn’t it? Forty-five years later,” she jokes.
At first, she tried using morticians’ wax to cover the gap, cutting a line in the middle of it. Then she used a cap, which she would often swallow, laugh out, or misplace.
“Revlon wanted me to use it all the time, and then the construction workers would yell at me in the street, ‘Hey, Lauren, why did you fill in your space? We don’t like you anymore!’” she says. “So I would turn and give them a great big grin and they would cheer.”
read the full interview here:  Harper’s Bazaar Lauren Hutton interview

Consider Jennifer Grey, who “improved” her nose, and became completely perfect and unrecognizable.  She erased her originality.  What would she have done if she had not become so unmemorable with that one choice?  It was not a radical change she made, but it made her look completely different.  She no longer resembled the quirky, spunky, imperfect girl we fell in love with in Dirty Dancing.

“I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognizes… because of a nose job.”

Jennifer Grey


I grind my teeth when I sleep.  I wear a night guard to prevent further damage, but my teeth are flat across the bottom, and pretty worn in places.  My dentist has told me that my smile ages me.  I have long lusted after a nice youthful rounded and pointed toothline… one I haven’t had since shortly after they arrived in my mouth.

When I told my husband that I had looked into getting veneers to achieve this, he freaked out.  He begged me not to do it.  He said I would look completely different, and he loved me like this.  His passionate response had me looking with more acceptance at my “aged toothline”, and deciding maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Much of your beauty comes through you and your perception of yourself.

When I was young, maybe nine or ten, I remember a story I read that inspired me, and has stuck with me through the years.

Here is the gist of it:

Jane, a young, self conscious tight lipped girl with braces is going to a dance.  Just before she leaves her house, she wishes on a star that she would be beautiful, just for that night.  Afraid to see if it worked or not, she skips looking in the mirror one last time, and leaves with her date.  Deciding to believe that the star granted her wish, she has a wonderful evening, laughing and dancing.  Classmates comment on how beautiful she is, and how she has changed.  She believes her star wish worked. When she gets home, even her parents notice her glow and mention her new “look”.  When Jane finally looks in the mirror, so excited to see what the star has bestowed upon her, she sees her own reflection.  For a moment she feels disappointed, but then a slow easy smile spreads across her face and she realizes the difference.  She is beautiful because she believed she was beautiful.  She is happy, comfortable and confident in her own skin.  The difference is real.

as remembered from American Girl Magazine, Stories to Live By, circa 1968

We must embrace our quirks and flaws and blend them into the beauty that is each of our own unique and fantastic selves!  We must teach our daughters and sons this, too.

Be yourself, and thoroughly enjoy it!  You will attract the people you are meant to attract.  Your energy will mesh with that of those you are supposed to mesh with!

Don’t wish away what you see as “flaws”.  I am heartbroken for Jennifer Grey and what could have been.  She surely is beautiful now, but not as beautiful as she began, in her own uniquely flawed skin.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

Steve Mariboli

Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


I would love to hear about your fantastic “flaws” that make you, uniquely you!



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