I can barely remember my life before dogs.
Looking back I can’t believe all the years I missed.
They are just the best things on this earth.  If you have one, you surely know.  If you don’t, maybe you’ll consider enriching your life with one of these amazing creatures.


Growing up I never wanted one.  I didn’t even like them.  They didn’t register for me.

I got my first dog when I was 28.
I was living in Manhattan, and my husband at the time was a chef at Le Cirque, one of the top restaurants in the city.  He worked long hours, 6 days a week, and I was by myself a lot of the time.  My best friend had adopted a dog from the city shelter the year before, and ever since, she had been encouraging me to consider getting a dog.
I didn’t particularly like her dog.  She was temperamental.  She could be sweet, but was not very cuddly, and prone to scary barking fits if something startled her, or we encountered a dog she felt threatened by (which was often!).  She was a little broken, but my friend loved her.  I can’t put my finger on what finally made me decide to get a dog, but I think I liked the idea of companionship.
We would occasionally go to her boyfriend’s parents place up in Cape Cod.  They had a little maltese named Lucy.  She was small, sweet, and snuggly and would play!  This, I thought, was the perfect dog!  And she didn’t shed, so my husband’s allergies would be OK.
 A month or so later I started looking at dogs.  Remember, I had absolutely no dog experience.  I started by just going to a pet store on Madison Ave.
Just to look.
I left with Zoe.
My first dog
She was tiny. She kept standing up in the cage and barking at me.  I hadn’t planned to get a dog that day… not from a pet store, and especially not one that cost that much!  But now I was a dog owner. Ha!
She was adorable.  A little feisty, (and an occasional biter) but really funny, and my new companion.
My second dog
About a year later a friend of mine approached me with a 4 month old maltese that a breeder friend of his in Long Island had returned to him.  The family that had adopted him didn’t realize he would need to be groomed.  The breeder wanted him go to a good home, preferably with another Maltese, so I said I’d take him.
Expensive, then free.
Dollar cost averaging my dogs.
Oh my goodness, did this quirky little dog steal my heart.
Theo was the sweetest, weirdest, eager to please furry boy!
I enjoyed having a dog with Zoe,  but Theo made me LOVE being a dog Mamma!
Zoe came from a puppy mill, and had some cranky tendencies.  Theo, on the other hand, was pure sweetness.

The next chapter

Eight years later, I am divorced, remarried, and Zoe, Theo and I are living on a lake in beautiful North Carolina with my new husband and stepdaughters.

Our pet sitter asks us if we would take a dog from a family who just had their 3rd child and didn’t have time for their dog anymore.



My third dog

We said yes, of course, and this sweet ugly wart covered splotchy little cutie came to live with us.  She had been shaved because her hair had gotten matted when they weren’t getting her groomed.

Keenan fit right in with our crowd, and I think was in a tight competition with Theo for the sweetest dog ever.



Zoe was never in the running for that, but I loved her as my first dog and the broken little thing she was.

These three lived all together for a time.
Kenan was with us for about 5 years.  She ended up with diabetes and had to get injections twice a day, and would give me a big lick on the face after every shot.  Zoe crossed the bridge at 12 years old, when my son was a little over a year old. Fast forward to 2013 when we lost Theo at 17.  My sweet boy. I was heartbroken and had to take a few months before looking for a dog to adopt.  Over the past 20 years I had become a HUGE dog and animal lover, and would definitely be adopting from a shelter this time.


Our fourth dog
We started to look for another dog, and during a home visit to see if we would be fit dog parents (what??), my son and husband fell in love with the dog the inspector brought.  I didn’t really even look at him because I was showing the woman around, and hoping we would get approved.  That’s how we found our Teddy.


Another competitor for THE SWEETEST DOG.

And he may be the funniest.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, let me help you in your search.
Check out your local shelter
Your local shelter has amazing dogs just waiting to give you a lifetime of love.  Visit them a time or two.  Talk to the people there and take them out to a yard away from the other dogs if you can.  A shelter is a godsend for these pups, but not always the best place to show off their awesome personality.


Search online

Pet finder is a good site to see dogs all over the world.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog,

and none of them is wrong.

Consider an older one. 
Old dogs are the sweetest and best dogs in the world.  They are calmer, and are truly grateful to be adopted!
 Susies Senior Dogs is a site run by  Erin O’Sullivan, the  fiancee of Brandon Stanton of Humans Of NY.  This site shares senior dogs all over the country looking to finish out their lives with love.


Dogs are a fantastic way to raise your vibration and bring love and laughter into your life! 


If only we all loved unconditionally, like our dogs… what a wonderful world that would be.

Do you have a dog, or have you ever had one?  Post a picture, or tell me something funny about your furry baby!

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