“There is no place like home.”

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Nice sentiments, but what if it’s a struggle?


Knowing where we thrive can make all the difference.  Where we live has a profound affect on us;  the actual space as well as the type of location, matter.

I was never a “city” person.  My mother grew up in Manhattan, so we were always there visiting family when I was a child.

I grew up at a camp in Northwestern NJ, and loved having trees and animals and a lake around me.  I ended up in fashion design, studying,  living and working in New York City for about 10 years.  There were some wonderful things about being there, but I did not thrive.



Sure, I made my space my home.

I painted the walls colors I loved, refinished an old mantle to give me the feeling I had a fireplace, and crafted my own oasis in the city.

But I knew I was not there for good.


Some people thrive in the city.

They love the energy, the bustle, the excitement.

I was not one of them.  The sheer number of people around me at any moment exhausted me.  Getting around was tough, or it was expensive.  Sure, there was a lot to do, even free, but deciding was sometimes overwhelming.

I missed the quiet, the clean air and the privacy of the country.  Walking my dogs around Gramercy Park required a serious foot cleaning every time we came back in.  Open windows would deposit an unwelcome layer of soot on every surface.  Playing music too loud or having too much fun with friends over would elicit a bang on the wall or a note of complaint under the door.

When after 10 years in my city I moved to North Carolina, I knew I’d come home.

People I’d just met would marvel that I could move from such an exciting place to this little southern town.  I was sincere when I explained why I loved it here.

Maybe it was because I’d been visiting or living in New York City my whole life.   I couldn’t wait for my new chapter in the south.

My soul shriveled in the city, but I thrived in my new home!


I confirmed that I love to live in nature.

In North Carolina my husband and I built our home on the lake.  I now wake up to birds and sleep to crickets and frogs.  The air smells sweet right now from all things blooming.  I love to walk my dog.  I love to sit in quiet.  I love our real fireplace.  I love to go on evening boat rides.  I love to drive my car!

Pay attention to the things that feed your soul.  What is the atmosphere like in your home?  Is it one that makes you happy?  Peaceful?  Inspires you?

I do still love to visit my city.  My sister and cousin live there, so it is a regular destination for our family.  I plan the restaurants I will visit and the plays I will see.  I will stroll around in my old neighborhood, and have drinks at The Water Club where my husband and I got married.  It is, and will always be a kind of home to me, but not one I want to live in all the time.

I have taken my son to New York City every year since he was born.  He loves the subway, seeing his cousins, Aunt Krista’s sweet little apartment, hanging out on the Highline, and visiting the giant Lego store.

I love that I lived there, but I love it more that I don’t.

If you can’t understand that, then you may have different things that make you thrive.

And that’s what makes the world go round.

Kimberly is a home and lifestyle coach, helping women identify and realize their best home and life.  She has been featured in publications and podcasts, and is a Huffington Post contributor.  She believes our surroundings and relationships have a direct effect on how happy we are. If you want to learn more about how to live in alignment, raise your vibration and create your peaceful, happy home and life, click here to get weekly tips and more information on working with her.