Do you have a home office?

If you are an entrepreneur, or just lucky enough to work for a company that allows you to do some work from home, you need a dedicated space to “work.”

Setting apart a space that is just for your work is a mental segmentation that will help you be more productive.

Make this space inspiring, so you want to go there and focus!  Consider these tips for a pleasing and and effective home office:

Choose a place that is out of the way.

Working in a main gathering room like the den or the kitchen sounds fun, and you’ll probably have some company, but it is not in the best interest of being productive.  Choose a room or a corner where you can shut a door, or put up a screen of some sort.  This will give the signal to others that you are working, and prefer to not be interrupted.

Select a color you love, that is conducive to what you are doing.

Wall color can affect our mood!

In choosing a color for your walls, take the type of work you are doing into consideration, as well as how you want your surroundings to affect you while you work.


Blues and greens are soothing.  They reflect colors in nature, and have a more calming effect.

Lavenders and purples have been found to encourage creativity.

Reds, oranges and strong yellows can be more agitating, and are probably not the best choice for most types of work.

Choosing a neutral, white, grey or tan, although generally considered “uninspiring” can work well, especially if you incorporate artwork that includes colors you love.

personal items

Add personal items you love.

Make the space your own.  Add photos or items you love that inspire you to look at.  This may be a photograph of your child, or a mentor, or a quote you love.  Keep these items to a few carefully selected so they do not end up creating visual clutter.


I cannot stress enough how much this simple act will help absolutely everything in your life.

Especially your workspace.

Go through all of your stuff and decide what you love and need.  Get rid of everything else.

Check out my previous post on decluttering here.



View is important.

The view you are facing can have an impact on your creativity and productivity.

Choose a pleasant, soothing view of nature, or a piece of art you love.


Windows are generally wonderful, but beware chaotic views that can hijack your focus.


Consider where you sit.

In addition to selecting a comfortable chair you will be happy working in, think about where you will place your desk, or workspace.

Consider placing your desk in the feng shui “power position” where you have a view of the entrance to the room.  The feng shui principle of “protecting your back” provides that you can see anyone entering your workspace easily, and you have your back to either a solid wall, or a corner when working.


Select appropriate lighting for what you do.

Depending on your work, you may require lower lighting or brighter lights.

The right lighting can make your job easier and healthier, reducing eye strain and frustration!

Bring in nature!

Add a plant to your space to boost the oxygen level, add some color and reduce your stress level.

Nature has been found to increase our overall happiness.


When making decisions about your space, make sure it is a place that inspires you, and you want to spend time here!

An enjoyable environment can increase your productivity, and boost your creativity and focus.

I’d love to hear what you love about your work space in the comments!


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Kimberly is a home and lifestyle coach, helping women identify and realize their best home and life.  She has been featured in publications and podcasts, and is a Huffington Post contributor.  She believes our surroundings and relationships have a direct effect on how happy we are. If you want to learn more about how to live in alignment, raise your vibration and create your peaceful, happy home and life, click here to get weekly tips and more information on working with her.