Conscious Holiday, Powerful New Year!

You don’t have to end up exhausted,
overwhelmed and overweight,
or abstain from having any fun.

starting December 4th!

There is a happy middle ground.

Have you found yourself dreading the holidays?

Do you feel completely exhausted, unhealthy and like you’ve gained a few pounds by the time January rolls around?

Or, are you so vigilant that you end up not having any fun?

There is a middle ground!

It’s called a “conscious holiday.”

Sometimes you just need some help staying on track.

How you wrap this year is how you’ll start the next one.

Join me for a conscious holiday that will help you experience joy, fun and holiday spirit, while setting yourself up for your best year yet!

My name is Kim, and I am a life coach with a background in design and a passion for living authentically and clutter free!

As a mom, I know how worn out and spent we can become throughout the holiday season.

We are the keepers of tradition and community, and it can be exhausting not to mention overwhelming being caught up in the holiday whirlwind.

Trying to provide a happy season for everyone can leave us a shell of our former selves come New Years.  Who wants to start all over again when you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck??

We gotta do this again??

Join me!

I'm in!


December through January is a transitional time.


You can enjoy it, stay conscious, and  not turn into a holiday zombie!


Join me for the group coaching program:


Conscious Holiday, Powerful New Year!


How we wrap up this year is how we’ll start the new one. 

Why not enjoy the holidays and make next year the best one yet?




      Here’s what it is:


      6 week group coaching program.


      We will have one call that will last one hour per week at 3PM on Thursdays.
      30 minutes will be spent reviewing the week’s topic,
      and 30 minutes will be allotted for Q&A.
      There will not be any assignments outside of the call.


      Private Facebook group for immediate feedback, coaching,
      and those in the moment decisions
      you are faced with in the holiday season.



Imagine having a positive, powerful support group and safe space
throughout the season and into your New Year.


A place to help you stay conscious and avoid the austerity versus overindulgence trap.


A place that will not only listen to you when things fall apart or difficulties crop up,
but to help you make the choices that bring you back to the calm and magical
holiday you’ve been longing to have.


Imagine having one moment, just one hour, every week where you can do something that is just
for YOU.


Where you can connect with other conscious women, and learn powerful techniques
to bring that consciousness and joy to the rest of your week and holiday.


And imagine wrapping up your year powerfully, calmly, and excited to move into the new year.
Join me!

What we’ll cover:

Week 1
December 4 – 10
Getting your heart ready.

After this week you will have a road map for dealing with difficult situations and people.

Week 2
December 11 – 17
Getting your home ready

After this week you will have a strategy for your environment to support you throughout the holiday season, and beyond.

Week 3
December 18 – 24
Handling food and energy.

After this week you will be able to be at gatherings and enjoy yourself without losing control, or being on a diet.

Week off! December 25 – 31 to enjoy the holidays!

Week 4
January 1- 7
Creating your 2017 Aim and Vision!

After this week you will be able to create a vision board to manifest the things you want to bring to life this year.

Week 5
January 8 – 14
Review, adjust and clean out.

After this week you will have identified your changes for next year and a plan for going forward.

Week 6
January 15 – 21
Keeping your vibration high and your momentum in the New Year.

After this week we will have strategies to enhance our environment and established habits to support our goals.

Create a conscious holiday

and a powerful New Year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the calls?

While it’s great to be on the calls live so you can participate, there will be recordings of all the calls so you can listen at your convenience.

How much time will I need to do this each week?

There will just be the calls where we will discuss the strategy for the week.  Prior to the holidays there will not be any additional assignments.  When we get into vision boards, this will be what you make of it as far as time you want to spend goes.

How long do I have access to this?

You have access to this for life.  You can revisit the lessons and calls at any time.

Can I get my money back if I am not happy?

We offer a refund within 7 days if you feel we are not a fit.  Because of the nature of the program, we do not offer a refund after that.

Got any references?

I feel so much more at home in my home!  Living in a small urban space can be challenging, and Kim has helped me embrace all that is good about it.  Since I began working with her at the end of 2015, Kim has coached me within my budget to make some fundamental yet doable shifts, and now I feel so cozy!  My surroundings feel joyful, inspiring and nurturing.  I feel excited to have friends over for dinner for the first time in a while.  Kim helped me understand that size didn’t matter (ha ha!)  that who I am and the way my space now reflects that is something I can relax into and feel proud to share with others. The beautiful compliments I’ve received lately on my apartment certainly feel great. And most importantly, I am waking up feeling motivated to create even more beauty with my life.
Krista,  actor

Kim is amazing!!!  I had no idea what I didn’t know about my home and how I was running it.  I was getting by with so many things that made me CRAZY!  Once I could zero in on these things it was so easy to move forward and make my home what I hoped and dreamed it could be!  I highly recommend working with Kim to make your home the best, most you it can be!
Carey, Homemaker

My home office looked like the mish-mash of leftover furniture that it was. Kim took a careful look and asked thoughtful questions to find out what I wanted and needed my office to be. Then she made simple, but genius suggestions about how to create a creative, practical and flowing space without spending a ton of money on new things. Not long after I made the changes, a guest in my home said to me, “This is a great home office. It’s really beautiful!”  What had been a jumble is now a cohesive, professional and pretty room that I love, and one that enhances both my productivity and my reputation as a business owner.
Elizabeth, Stylist

Yes! I want to have a conscious holiday, and a powerful New Year!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Sign me up!