Everything in our world is energy.

That’s sometimes a tough thing to wrap our heads around, but it is a scientific fact.

Once you open yourself to that possibility, you start to realize the power you have.

You have the power to change your mood, your body, your circumstances…

One of the most impactful places you can create good energy is in your home. Your environment can support and inspire you, or it can hold you back.  

Who are you?   Who do you want to become?

Your space – home, bedroom, office – is telling you right now, and becoming conscious of and changing things in your environment can help you create a new future.

What have you surrounded yourself with? Our environment mirrors our consciousness. Our things reflect who we are. Take a minute to look around at your space and everything in it.

What story is your space telling? Is it a story you’re happy with?


If you want to change who you are, start by changing your environment.


Since everything is energy, the stuff we have is also energy. If it is sitting in piles in the hallway, or on the floor of our closet, or on the kitchen counter, it is sucking up and blocking the flow of energy.

Energy gets stuck in the piles! Lose them and things flow freely.

Stuff that is forgotten, or stored indeterminately isn’t helping us, and it may be holding us back.

We keep clutter for a number of reasons. Why are you holding on to things that don’t serve you?  Figure this out and let it go. You’ll feel free and full of energy.

On Sunday, June 5th, we start the 7 Day Clear The Clutter Challenge in the High Vibrational Home FB group.

I’d love to have you join us to clear the clutter and create new habits, so it doesn’t come back and you are clear to create the home that reflects you and your goals and dreams!

You have the power to do and be anything you want to.

It is all in you.

Ready to clear the clutter so you can shine through?

Please tell me in the comments if you have adjusted your environment and experienced change!