Kimberly Bost

Hey! I’m so glad you’re here!
My name is Kim, and I can help you create your most inspiring and supportive environment!

I spent most of my career as a designer in fashion and interiors, and now am also a life coach, making me uniquely suited to guiding you to express your authentic self in your home and life!

Our surroundings can improve our relationships, increase our income and make us much happier. Once people understand how their environment can either help them or hurt them, they are excited to dive in!

Having spent years as a designer, I know that trends are optional, and while they can be inspiring, and great to incorporate if they speak to you, trends should never rule your style. There are no rules, only guidelines for harmony, in both design and in life. Nurturing surroundings and happy relationships create a joyful home, and a happy life.

A home can inspire and heal, and is so much more than just what it looks like.

I believe that our living space is an extension of ourselves, and reflects whats going on or the direction we are heading.  We all have a unique voice and find great peace and happiness when how and where we live reflects our truth. We deserve to live in a home that supports our day-to-day activities and allows our dreams to thrive.

Designing your living space in alignment with your goals cements your intention, creating an environment that can’t help but make your heart sing and your dreams come true.

Formerly a designer in New York City, Kim is now a Certified Professional Life Coach, Huffington Post contributor, Tedx speaker and online content and course creator, living on the banks of beautiful Lake Hickory in North Carolina with her husband, son and pets.  She coaches and designs courses and programs to help women to live in alignment and create spaces and lives that let them thrive.