Voodoo for your home!

Sometimes it can sound that way. There are a few schools of feng shui (pronounced feng shway), the ancient chinese art and science.  Some are pretty complex, and some more mystical. I am not an expert in feng shui, but I find the main basic principles to be pretty understandable and easy to apply.

Feng shui loosely means “balance and flow”. It is a practice that encourages getting your environment in sync with who you are and where you are going. Everything has energy, and getting in alignment with the energy around you can make your life better in a myriad of ways.

Feng shui is an approach to design that can be applied to any style. The essence of its message is “if it feels good to you then it is good feng shui.” The key is tuning in to yourself and finding what feels good, and noting what doesn’t.

Our lives get so busy that we miss subtle (and even the outright) clues to our happiness. To really make changes we need to slow down and pay attention to our surroundings.

Getting conscious and noticing how you feel in a space can give you a good indication of the feng shui of the space.

The application of feng shui techniques has been credited with many improvements in people’s lives, from more happiness and peace, to greater job satisfaction, more positive family interactions and increased income.

It makes sense, though, really.

In studies, scientists have found that our environment directly influences our emotional, mental and physical health.

When you live and work in places that feel good to you, you are happier, your attitude is more positive and the overall quality of your life improves.

Following are 4 of the premises in feng shui you can fold into your spaces to raise the vibration:

“Protect your back.”

Take steps to foster a sense of security and protection.

Wherever possible, have seating with sturdy backs that come up a little ways. Provide enough seating where people can have their back to the wall and a view of the room’s entrance. If you have a floating sofa, (which I do!) make sure the back isn’t too low, or place a console table behind it. You want to feel cozy, protected and able to relax.

feng shui
feng shui

“Minimize sharp edges and corners’

Rooms with too many corners and edges can feel uneasy and put us on alert.   Incorporate some furniture with softer rounded edges. Add plants or textiles to soften windows.

Subconsciously this creates a calmer and less threatening environment.

Place round objects in corners of rooms (sculptures, plants, round tables) to soften the corners of the room, and help the flow of energy.

Pay attention to anything that allows your survival instincts to perceive your space as safe.

“Incorporate nature”

The natural world is very soothing to us and we are hard wired to respond positively to it. Anything you do to bring the outside in will up the vibe in your home. Images of woodlands or water, the use of natural materials like wood, linen and cotton. An actual window framing a beautiful view, or an outdoor room, such as a screened in porch, or a sunroom are wonderful natural features.



You don’t have to have everything symmetrical, or matchy-matchy. Balance means adding or subtracting to offset something that is “too much”. Whenever you use the word “too” to describe something you are pointing out an area of imbalance… “that corner is too dark” or that room is too cold… “that sofa is too big…” etc.


Surround yourself with beauty and meaning. Create edited collections of things you love.  The practice of feng shui can help you to create a space that feels as good as it looks. The basic principles can be applied to any space, raise the vibration in your home, make you happier, and a millionaire.

Just kidding.

But maybe not! Who knows what you’ll be able to do when your vibration is high and your environment supports your goals and dreams?

Here’s to being happy and peaceful in your space, and feeling like a million bucks.

Have you applied any feng shui techniques in your home or office?


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