raise your vibration

It’s Monday morning.
You forgot to set your alarm, and jump out of bed late.
You trip over the rug heading to the bathroom and cuss.
When you pour your coffee it spills, and you declare “I’m having a bad day”, and “this always happens to me!”
Maybe you even go so far as to say “I’m such an idiot!”

You have a choice.

You can keep going on this path and wallow in your misfortune, where your day will inevitably continue to go downhill. Have you ever noticed how negativity snowballs?

Or, you can choose to raise your vibration and change the course.

This is an important decision point, and essential to raising your energy and having a better (if not awesome!) day.

Here are 3 strategies for quickly reclaiming your power, and raising your energy:

See the positive.

When something you haven’t planned for, or aren’t especially happy about happens, stop.
Observe your response, then try to laugh about it and stay positive, immediately raising your vibration:
Instead of “Oh my gosh, I overslept! I can’t believe I did that! Why do I always do that?”

Try “Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to set my alarm! Yikes! Well, I got a little extra sleep… lets see how fast I can get ready!”

Be conscious of not speaking a pattern of negativity or failure over your situation. That will drag your energy down.

Move through it.

Take a minute to feel the disappointment or frustration, then consciously reset your attitude.
Even if what you are experiencing is a big setback, attitude really is everything.
Remind yourself that you are a wonderful creation, with a specific purpose in this life.
You are not perfect, but trust you will not miss what you are meant to be, have or experience.  Berating yourself takes your energy in the wrong direction!  As soon as you can, move on and up.

Be present.

Practice being in the moment.
This is HUGE.
Most of the stress and negativity we experience comes from regrets and second guessing the past, or worry and anxiety about things that may or may not be coming.
Right now is AMAZING! Even if your current moment is stressful and filled with angst, the best way to come through quickly it is to feel what you are feeling, move through it and come back to positive as soon as you can.
For most day to day setbacks, being conscious of how you respond and choosing not to wallow can quickly raise your vibration and change your day.

Try this for a week and see if your life and relationships don’t take a turn for the better!

Having a great day is as easy as raising your vibration.  And raising your vibration is as easy as making a choice, and the choice is yours…

Have  GREAT day!

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