Spring is coming!  I can hardly wait.

Although I love the cold with a fire burning during the dark months, when its time to open doors and windows to warmer brighter days I get a surge of fresh joy and renewal!

To get the spring ball rolling, here are 3 easy things you can do in your home to transition:


Clean your windows.

This includes washing or vacuuming curtains, and washing your windows.  The winter months of dust and weather have undoubtedly left their traces, and its time to wash it away.  Looking out of clean windows on a spring day is a refreshing treat.  It seems like something that doesn’t really matter, but If you’ve never noticed the gift of clean windows, please take note this time.  I find the light shines clearer, and I feel uplifted when my windows are clean!



Change out your colors and fabrics.

My furniture is my neutral canvas, and I change out accessories with the seasons.  I have a lot of throw pillows…  in winter I will use deeper or heavier looking colors, with more muddled patterns, and more textural fabrics.  This creates a closer, cozy feel.

In spring, I bring in cleaner, crisper colors and fabrics in my pillows and throws.  This lightens things up and makes the room feel airy.


Edit and change out accessories.

In the colder months, I find I have more on my surfaces… clusters of candles on the mantle to bring a cozy glow to shorter winter days;  an ongoing puzzle, books and board games on the coffee table.

When the days are longer and warmer, we are outside more, and I strive for a more airy feel in my house.  I edit and streamline my surfaces.  I store some of my candles and replace them with a bowl of shells, or nothing at all.

I move from the cozier coming inside to the more open and airy opening up to the outside.

spring decor


What do you do in your home to welcome spring?


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